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What are we offering you?

If you have much work to do, you can share much work with us. Our tariff is very low. We will be your partner and we will cooperate well. We will also recruit and manage good staff to do much and various tasks in different field. Wages are very low and many things are very cheap in our country.

What can we do?

Below is the list of works we can do or go to our virtual assistant services web page. Certainly, here are not full list and we can do other works easily what you need.

Also we can do professional human translations in various languages and price rate per source word is only $0.04: Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijanian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Iranian, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, and other...

Our clients are as companies as individual persons from the whole world, including United States of America (USA), Canada, United Kingdom (UK), Australia, India, China, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Philippines, European Union (EU), Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, The Netherlands, Greece, Portugal, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Sweden, Austria, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Slovenia, Cyprus, Luxembourg and others.

Why is it benefit for you?

- You will reduce significantly expenses and make saving for human job.
- You will reduce significantly expenses for housing and rent.
- You will reduce significantly expenses from buying much computer softwares. We will use almost all popular computer softwares free for you. There are all popular computers softwares for free in Georgia.
- You will reduce significantly expenses for office equipments and computer hardwares.
- Using us, you can take many more works and all the same make it well as we help you; because using us you will not have time, human, technical, and knowledge limit. Do not tell your clients, that you do not have time and cannot make work, in opposite cases your clients will go to your competitor or colleagues and you lose them.
- Using us, you can offer to your clients more various works, including such what you could not make earlier. That is why your clients will not go to your competitors or colleagues and you will expand significantly your business.
- Using us, you can effectively manage your working hours and make more quickly works. Keep in mind that we work even when you are sleeping, because we are in a different time zone than you. Also we are going to work round the clock, 24 hours and 7 days.
- Using us, your work will become more interesting, because you become а manager and coordinator. You do not need to do many routine works. You will concentrate on such works which you can do better.
- And more...

What software are we using, can use and teach others?

We use many popular computer softwares. Also we will use almost all popular computer softwares free for you. You can see our SOFTWARES LIST on webpage www.abada.ge/virtual_assistant/global/softwares_list.htm. If you want we use any other specific software, we will use it also easily.

Our hardware

Desktop PCs
Printers: Black & White, Color, Photo
Broadband Internet Access
Negative Scanner

Laptops / Notebooks
CD Rom
Fax Machine
Zip drive
USB Drive

Fuel Generator
Digital Camera
Flatbed Scanner
DAT back up drive
And more...

What do your competitors or colleagues do?

Work outsourcing we offer you is very profitable and gives competitive advantage. We believe, many your competitors or colleagues are using it in some ways. We advise you, if you are going to hold strong position in the field and competitiveness, you should outsource your works too.


Finally, if you have really and many work to do, you will be interested in our offer and use real opportunity. We are ready to do business with you. If you have any offerings about our business partnership or working process, feel free to contact to us, and we can discuss them. We are ready to meet your requirements. We can cooperate with mutual benefit.

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